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Name Change Guide for Trans* Academics

Resources List for Transmasculine People

Process for Updating Name and Gender Marker (Sweden/US)

Community & People

The STEM Village

500 Queer Scientists



Dr. Clara Barker’s YouTube Channel

Name Change Policy Working Group

Blogs, Narratives, & Articles

GradHacker: The Invisible Minority in STEM (Emery D. Haley, 2020)

Wired: Trans Researchers Are Stuggling to Stay in Science, That Has to Change (Shayle Matsuda, 2015)

Stanford Medicine: Deciding to Change (about Ben Barres, 2018)

Medium: I’m trans! Call me Amy. (Amy J. Ko, 2019)

Journal Articles:

Armada-Moreira et al., 2021, STEM Pride: Perspectives from transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer scientists. Cell.

Powell, Terry, & Chen, 2020, How LGBT+ scientists would like to be included and welcomed in STEM workspaces. Nature.

Maloy, Kwapisz, & Hughes, 2022, Factors Influencing Retention of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students in Undergraduate STEM Majors. CBE – Life Sciences Education.

Cech & Waidzunas, 2021, Systemic inequalities for LGBTQ professionals in STEM. Science Advances.

Olcott & Downen, 2020, The Challenges of Fieldwork for LGBTQ+ Geoscientists. AGU Eos.

Duncombe, 2019, Shining a Spotlight on LGBTQ+ Visibility in STEM. AGU Eos.


Trans, Gender Diverse and Intersex Advocacy in Action

The International  Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

Outside of STEM

GLAAD Transgender Resources

Berkeley Lab: Gender Identity and Transition in the Workplace

Trans* Ally Workbook (Davey Shlasko)

Crisis Support

The Trevor Project (US)

Trans Lifeline (US/Canada)